Classification criteria of tourist accommodation in Latvia

- An accommodation grading system reflecting international standards was established in the mid-1990s;
- Subsequently, tourism services have been classified on a voluntary basis according to the requirements of Latvian National Standards.

Since 1999, the Technical Committee for Standardisation of Tourism Services devised the following tourist accommodation standards, which were then approved by the State Company Latvian Standard:
Accommodation type Standard
Hotels LVS 200-1+ A1:2004; substituted by LVS 200-1:2009
Guest houses LVS 200-2 + A1:2004
Motels LVS 200-3 + A1:2004, cancelled
Rural tourism houses LVS 200-4:2000
Camping and caravan sites LVS 200-5:2000
Youth hostels LVS 200-6:2000

The standards envisage 1 – 5 star (Categories I – V) classification requirements for hotels, including motels, Category I – IV classification requirements for guest-houses and Category I – III classification requirements for campsites and youth hostels.