Restorāni Latvijā rezervēt

Viesnīcas Latvijā rezervēt

HOTREC, the European umbrella association of hotels, restaurants and cafés, welcomed today during its 76th General Assembly two new members: the Georgian Hotel, Restaurant and Cafe Federation (HOREKA) and the Association of HORECA employers in Poland (ZPHoReCa).


We warmly welcome these two leading hospitality associations from Georgia and Poland in the HOTREC family. These new memberships clearly demonstrate HOTREC’s success in representing and defending the hospitality industry’s interests across Europe. HOREKA and ZPHoReCa’s voices will further increase HOTREC’s effectiveness in all its activities” commented Ms. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, President of HOTREC.

We are very pleased to join this leading European organisation servicing the interests of the hospitality sector. Joining HOTREC is very important for Georgia - as it is the first and biggest opportunity to maintain our service industry in accordance with international standards. Being a member of a European organization in the hospitality industry and sharing European experience is a big honour for us.” commented Ms. Ketevan Meladze, President of HOREKA.

“We believe that we have common interest in Europe to promote hospitality. HOTREC is a unique forum where we can share experience and discuss development barriers in our States. Joining HOTREC – together with our partners from Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry – we can better contribute and make the Polish hospitality industry more visible in Europe” underlined Mr. Marcin Zawadzki, President of the Board of ZPHoReCa.

Through these three new membership, HOTREC expanding its membership to 41 hospitality associations active in 29 European countries, further consolidating HOTREC’s undisputed leadership in representing the hospitality and tourism sector in Europe.