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(Bern, 21 March 2013) At the last general assembly in Berlin, Belgium has become the newest member of the “Hotelstars Union” (HSU).

Switzerland has taken over the presidency of the HSU at the beginning of 2013, in compliance with the rotation principle. Until the end of 2013, hotelleriesuisse will now control the activities of Europe’s first harmonised classification system for awarding hotel stars. According to Thomas Allemann, head of member services and classification of hotelleriesuisse, the membership of Belgium is a further step towards European harmonisation as well as it is gratifying that Belgium is represented in the Hotelstars Union. The next step in Belgium will be the implementation of the hotel classification system of the “Hotelstars Union” after the revision starting from 2015 and a transitory period of three years.

“Family picture” of the Hotelstars Union. From left to right:
Matthias Koch (Austria), Dr. Klaus Ennemoser (Austria), Gundel Menzel (Switzerland), Thomas Allemann (Switzerland), Rikard Bergsten (Sweden), Laurent Duc (France), Danny Van Assche (Belgium), Anna Torres (HOTREC), Santa Graikste (Latvia), Anita Blomberg-Nygård (Norway), Lizzie Herzog (Germany), Edvins Buka (Latvia).

The Hotelstars Union has counted until now twelve members. Therefore Belgium has become the thirteenth member. The application of the harmonised criteria will be also an important step in regards to a higher service quality as well as better information and transparency for the customer.

The Hotelstars Union has developed a harmonised hotel classification system with common criteria and principles. Their members advocate the reputation and quality of the hotel industry with more transparency and security for the hotel guest and hereby also strengthens hotel marketing.

The hotel associations from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland have created the Hotelstars Union under the patronage of HOTREC in 2009. In the meantime, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Malta joined the star family. HOTREC is the European association of hotels, restaurants and cafés and represents 44 national associations in 27 countries in Europe. The mission of HOTREC is the representation of the interests of the hospitality industry at the European institutions.

Further enquiries:
Thomas Allemann, head of member services and classification
Phone: +41 31 370 42 51
Fax: +41 31 370 41 24